Why Every Seller And Agent Need To Stage A Home

A home, a building or any property is an investment. It is, undoubtedly, one of the biggest a person will ever make. It doesn’t matter if an individual is selling a home or buying one, the decision is humungous. It is for this reason that the presentation and visual appeal of the home should be kept at the forefront. Like any other consumer item sold in the market, a home should also be given due consideration in the way it is packaged.

It is this outstanding presentation that is the cause of so many staging companies, like Well Dressed Home, booming in popularity. visit their website here to take a peek. Staging has become the fastest technique to selling a house. At present, there are just two ways to ensure a property is sold quickly: a. It should appear flawless which staging provides. b. The price should be fair.

A contributed article on www.forbes.com explains that staging is a relatively new term. It is Millennials who prefer to buy a staged home rather than a one that is “lived-in”. Barbara Schwarz coined the expression after a revelation that homes which were prepped sold quicker. So, what is staging in the most accurate terms? It is the use of concepts and designs to make a home more appealing to the buyer.

The aim of staging is to ensure that with the first step into the property, a buyer can visualize it as their home. The potential buyer should be able to see a future in the home where they are entertaining and living. For most people, the first foray into a new home makes them feel like a guest. They are unable to form an emotional connection to the home. Staging overcomes this obstacle. The buyer sees an attractive blank canvas with all the tools to create a masterpiece in a staged home.

S/he is not a guest, but the owner of the place that is the feeling a well-dressed home can evoke. An expertly staged home is attractive yet impersonal enough to motivate the creativity of the buyer. It stimulates not overwhelms. How do we know that staging works? Think of any property you have been to, recently. Was it over cluttered with knick and knacks? All that you could focus on was the mess it was or the crack in the ceiling? Did the eye keep on reverting to the walls that needed a thorough cleaning?

Now answer this, did the property make you feel like you could live there? Chances are the answer is a resounding no. Not staging a home is one of the biggest and foolish mistakes sellers and agents can make. A buyer’s attention is immediately hooked if the visual psychology is appealed. When a person walks down a potential home, they should not see a floor that needs polishing or colours that jar the eye. The light should be soothing; there should be no clutter and concentrate more on the warmth of the home.

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